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Carrying with him his heritage as a 1st generation Cuban American, Lopez’s work has always centered around nature and man’s relationship with the natural. Using water, shing, and landscapes as the base, Lopez has transformed traditional and non-traditional materials into microcosms of the majestic along with large scale landings of landscapes that carry heavy conceptual weight.


Forma110, in order to help foster awareness of our environmental crisis, comissioned Felipe Lopez a series of 40 faucets that re ect on the concept of water and contemporary sculpture, that conforms this exhibition.


These works speak to the necessity of water in our daily lives and also to the fragility of our water supply. Regardless of social status or culture, clean water is what ties us together along with nature depending on the same resource. The hand tied shing ies coming from the faucet signify how one must consider how important our ecosystem is to our own daily lives. These works are truly a contemporary catharsis for Lopez who has risen from the ood waters to produce pieces of contemplation and connection.


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